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014 COVID-19 and Vanlife, Smugglers Notch, Nice Table, Heater Woes, Wire Guage

March 4, 2020

Welcome! In this episode, we pre-empt our scheduled topic and talk about the current COVID-19 scare. (Wash your hands!) We'll also discuss wire gauges, a cool table, heater woes and the idyllic Smugglers Notch.

  • COVID-19: While the virus is headed our way, there are some interesting issues for those living vanlife. We take a look.
  • TECH TALK: What thickness of wire should you use? A brief overview of why bigger is better, and how not to make the same mistake I did.
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: A nice, versatile table (that went way up in price for some reason.)
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Smugglers Notch, Vermont
  • Thermostat Anticipators: A solution to rapidly cycling heaters?