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015 Air Conditioning, LED lights, Standing Mats, Lincoln Highway, Finding Tires

March 11, 2020

Want AC in your van? Don't we all. We discuss why most people just choose to drive north and turn on a fan. We also explain LED lights, extol the virtues of standing mats, explore the Lincoln Highway and find weird tires. 

  • AIR CONDITIONING: There are three things in the way of you having AC in yoru van. We talk about them, and the best possible solutions. Let us know if you have something better!
  • TECH TALK: LED lights are GREAT for vans. Low power, low heat - but they need to be hooked up right, especially if you want to dim them.
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Standing mats? Exciting? No, useful YES! Get one. 
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: The Lincoln Highway
  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: What to do (?) if your friend needs a shoulder
  •  RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION: Simple Tire for hard to find tires