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018 Strange Ways to Cook, Iowa 80, No Slip Gel Mat, Water Filter Alternative, Lost In a Swamp

April 8, 2020

Why not cook weird? We explore ways to cook without the normal things, including some without heat! We'll also talk about the two-container system for filter-free fresh water, a review of the Tree Frog Gel Mat no slip surface, invite you visit Iowa 80, and relay a story of getting lost in the Everglades. 

    • A PLACE TO VISIT: Iowa 80

    • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Can I sell you some swamp land in Florida? I now know where they store it.
    • PRODUCT REVIEW: Leap Frog No Slip Gel Pad
      • This large sheet of no slip gel will keep your things secure as you drive around. But be careful what it comes in contact with!
      • From Iowa 80

    • Q&A - Will This Vehicle Work??