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019 What COVID Teaches Us About VanLife, Bulkheads/Partitions, Switch Solution, Tiny Inverters, Craters of the Moon

April 15, 2020

Sick of hearing about COVID-19? We get it, but it does give us a chance to take a look at ourselves and evaluate our assumptions. We'll talk about bulkheads/partitions, explore one switching solution, and talk about the bizarre Craters of the Moon. Oh, and the joy of tiny inverters!

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • What can COVID-19 teach us?
    • Why do we choose #vanlife? A disruption can show us many things about ourselves that we didn't know, and reinforce the things we did know. 

  • TECH TALK: Bulkheads
    • Yes, you should strongly consider having a partition between the front and back of your van. 
    • American Van, probably the premiere source for bulkheads.