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020 The Goldfish Metaphor, Getting Rid of Single-use Plastic, a Nice Drain, Mitchell Indian Village, Fear of Wires, a Van with no Driver

April 22, 2020

How a goldfish teaches us what's important about the #vanlife community, can you have a plastic-free van?, review of the Camco Flexible Camper Drain, getting over the fear of wires, a visit to a cool archaeological site, and a story of a van with no driver. 

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • The Goldfish Metaphor
    • Someone wants advice on how to have a pet goldfish in their van. What's your response? It can teach us a lot about #vanlife and ourselves.


  • TECH TALK: Fear of Wires
    • I talk though an experiment in wiring designed to get you beyond you fear of electricity and cutting wires. 
    • A PLACE TO VISIT: Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

    • PRODUCT REVIEW: Camco Flexible Camper Drain 37420
    • Q&A - Single Use Plastics?
      • Seanna wants to live without single use plastic. Can this be done in a van?

    • Tales From the Road: What happens when you're in a van going down the highway and no one's driving?