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025 Top 10 Vanlife Tips, House on the Rock, Van Kits, Choose My Adventure

May 26, 2020

Another Top 10? Who knows—but here are some tips about #vanlife that might help you make decisons. A House on the Rock (and so much more), Pre-made Camper Kits, a Choose My Own Adventure Idea, Free Templates, and a Velcro Wall.  

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Top 10 Tips
    • #vanlife can be easier if you know a few things. Here some of them are.


  • Tales From the Road
    • What if someone else told you where to go? In a nice way? 
  • Q&A -Premade Kits? 

    • Is a premade kit your ticket to #vanlife? Maybe.
    • Wayfarer Vans is the most well known.


  • Resource Recommendation
    • Free van build tool? Yes! But the templates are the real value.
    • Thank you, SportsMobile
  • A Place to Visit: House on the Rock
    • One of the three "most curious" spots in the US.
    • You can't prepare for this - just go.
    • House on the Rock