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026 Pre-Built Vans, Stanley Cook Kit, Proper Screwing, Post-COVID Highways

June 10, 2020

What if you'd rather just buy a van? We talk about the realities, some of them harsh. We'll also review the Stanley Cook Kit (it's great!), talk about how to screw properly (really) and I'll tell the tale of what it's like on our Interstates now that COVID-19 is firmly with us.   

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Pre-Built Vans
    • They're expensive.

      • RV Trader is a great place to start, to get an idea of prices, etc.  

      • Conversion Trader is focussed specifically on self-built vans. 

      • Sportsmobile has the best full-sized, custom conversions.
  • Tales From the Road

    • Things are weird an eerie on the nation's interstates. Bring snacks. 

  • Q&A - Window Tint

    • Is it legal to tint your windows? Maybe? Sometimes. Could be. We discuss.

  • Resource Recommendation

  • Tech Talk: Screw With Care!
    • Don't just screw willy nilly into your van. Every hole is a potential problem, and it's a good idea to know how your drill works as well.  

  • Product Review: Stanley Adventure Prep + Cook Set - 1.58 Quart, Stainless Steel