Built To Go! A #Vanlife Podcast

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037 Vanlife with NO VAN, Harbor Freight, No Build Beds, Ice Fishing, Cheap Wheel Covers

August 26, 2020

Van's are getting pricey and hard to find. But you can do #vanlife without one! We also take a look at cheap tool superstore Harbor Freight, consider no-build beds, dream about ice fishing, and decide that cheap wheel covers are a good thing. 

  • No Van #Vanlife

    • "Vanlife" isn't about vans. It's about life. Virtually any vehicle can get you going.

    • smarttent.jpg
  • Product Review
    • Cheap Wheel Covers (Hub Caps!)

  • A Place to Visit
    • I'd like to go ice fishing in my van. I've never done it, but maybe you have? 

  • Resource Recommendation
    • Harbor Freight
    • Cheap tools that aren't great, but can be all you need to get the job done. 
    • Nation-wide network is good to be aware of for on the road repairs.