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046 Crashing Your Rig, Command Hooks, No Heat Winter, Drive Ins, Tire Warning Light, Finding Junk Yards

October 28, 2020

You hope it will never happen, but what if it does? You have to plan for a crash, and maybe having knives on a magnetic strip isn't a great idea. Also, we'll visit the Drive-In, talk about Command Strips, stay warm without heat, and catch up some news as well. 


Not my actual rig, but pretty close

  • Q&A:

    • How can you stay warm in winter without heat?
    • Best thing: a good sleeping bag
      • Remember that the rating isn't for comfort, it's for survivability. 
    • Good info on sleeping bags from Section Hiker
    • A good selection: https://amzn.to/35FBiwS

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