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047 Are you Ready? Frisbees, FastCap, Oriental Institute, Air Bag Issues

November 4, 2020

We have 5 ways to check to see if you're ready for vanlife. We also explore alternate uses for Frisbees, talk about FastCaps, visit the Oriental Institute and talk about air bag issues.

  • 5 things to check to know you're ready for #vanlife.
    • Like camping?
    • Like problem solving?
    • Have enough money?
    • Figured out relationships?
    • Have a mission?
  • A Place to Visit
    • Oriental Institute
    • When someone mailed to package to "Indiana Jones," it was delivered here. This is the closest you're going to find to "Junior's" home base.
  • Resource Recommendation
  • Product Review:
    • Frisbees! 
    • Nice, heavy glow-in-the-dark model
    • They can be used as:
      • Cutting boards
      • Bowls
      • Fire fans
      • Screw holders (for repairs)
      • Way to knock something out of a tree
      • Wind block for stove
      • Attention getter
  • Q&A: Airbags?
    • If you remove seats, you may have issues with airbags. There ARE solutions involving resistors, but you'll need to do research for your particular situation.
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