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048 Skoolies, Ambulances, Etc., Velcro Fix, Magnet Phone Holder, ZimZam, How Much Solar?

November 11, 2020

Why not get a School Bus? Or an Ambulance? Step Van? RV???!!! We take a look at the pros and cons. Also, a fix for melting Velcro, magnetic phone holders, adventures in ZimZam, and how much solar should you have?


  • Q&A: How Much Solar?
    • Solar charges your batteries
    • Size your batteries to your needs
    • Solar wattage should equal battery amp hour capacity
      • 100 watts of solar for 100ah of AGM battery.
      • Lithium can use about twice as much solar per ah.
  • Tech Talk: Shoe Goo Velcro Fix
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