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049 Full Size Vans Compared, 4-Way Stretch Fabric, Starter vs. Leisure Batteries, Coral Castle, HMDB.org, Possum 2

November 18, 2020

Which full-size van should you choose? Let's take a look... We'll also review 4-way stretch fabric, ride on the Possum 2, visit Coral Castle, explore HMDB.org, and invite folks to send their own Tales From the Road. And we'll explain the difference between starter batteries and leisure batteries.


    • Send us your Tales From the Road and if we use the on the air, you'll receive a College of Curiosity SWAG bag, including some things appropriate for #vanlife. We'd prefer audio, but text could work and we'll help get it done for you. Send it to: jeff@builttogo.com. Thanks!
  • Resource Recommendation
    • Historical Marker Database
      • A crowd-sourced list of historic markers across the country. There is a corresponding app as well.
      • http://hmdb.org
  • A Place to Visit

    • Coral Castle

      • Just south of Miami in Homestead, this historic structure was constructed out of enormous coral blocks that were carved and placed by one small man. 
      • http://coralcastle.com (Check for COVID times.)


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