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054 Safety Tips, Door Steps, Atlas Obscura, 12v Kettles, Rodents

December 23, 2020

This week, we're focussing on safety tips that DON'T involve someone messing with you and your van. You know, the ones that are much more likely to kill you. We'll also try to keep mouse rats out of our rigs, visit Atlas Obscura, take a look at door steps for roof access, discuss 12v kettles and hear some more on how the penis-free can urinate in comfort. 


Is your load secure? (Photo by Ildar Sagdejev)

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    • Though the organization is closely allied with veterans, you do not need to have been in the military to participate. 
    • Send us your Tales From the Road and if we use the on the air, you'll receive a College of Curiosity SWAG bag, including some things appropriate for #vanlife. We'd prefer audio, but text could work and we'll help get it done for you. Send it to: jeff@builttogo.com. Thanks!

  • Female Urination Devices
  • Resource Recommendation - Atlas Obscura
    • A comprehensive guide to the world's most interesting places

  • Product Review - Door Steps
    • A quick and easy way to gain access to your roof for solar panel cleaning, packing, or whatever.
    • https://amzn.to/2KNX7U4
  • Q&A - 12v Kettles
    • Before you buy a kettle, figure out how you're going to power it and how you're going to recharge your battery.
    • I use mine only when I'm driving.
    • Look for one that has a light, is completely enclosed, and doesn't have a removable base.
    • https://amzn.to/3hf7U5H
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