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059 Do you need a van? 12v Kettle, Cemeteries, Choosing a Battery, Who will install?

January 27, 2021

Do you nee a van for #vanlife? We say: NO. In fact, you may have everything you need to hit the road today. We'll also offer a simple guide to battery buying, a story about a nice guy finishing last, and review a 12v kettle. We'll also visit some cemeteries and offer an idea of who can install your electrical system. 


A lovely day in Bangor, Maine


  • Product Review - Sunsebell 12v Kettle

    • Simple, robust and effective - if a bit slow
    • Pro-Tip: fill your coffee cup and dump just the contents into the kettle so you'll heat exactly the right amount of water
    • https://amzn.to/3opcHUn

  • A Place to Visit - Cemeteries!
    • No matter where you go, there they are - and they're always interesting.
    • FindAGrave can help you find yards and individuals
  • Q & A - Where to get power installed?
    • Find a major car stereo installer - just Google "Local Car Stereo Installation"
    • Chain stores are less likely to be useful than independent shops
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