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060 The Joys of Shore Power, Hope Cemetery, VanLab, Squeaky the Van, Getting Packages

February 3, 2021

Nothing beats shower power! We talk about how to use it, where to find it, and how to get it in your van. We'll also visit a sculpture garden filled with dead people, review VanLab, a "build in a box" solution for your new rig, hear the brave tale of Squeaky the Van, and explain how to get packages while you're on the road. 


The magic juice box

  • Shore Power

  • Product Review - VanLab
    • Flat pack complete furniture solutions for your NV200 or LWD Ford Transit (Sprinter coming soon!)
    • Two people and four hours is all it takes to have your van built out.
    • VanLabUSA
  • A Place to Visit - Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT
      • Stone masons create amazing artwork to memorialize their dead.
      • Atlas Obscura - Hope Cemetery
  • Tales From the Road - Squeaky the Van
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