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063 Nomandland, Dome Lights, Advanture Magazine, Ravens Grin Inn, Hand Power, Vapor Barriers

February 24, 2021

Nomadland! It's the movie everyone is talking about, but a few folks don't understand. We'll try to explain why reactions are so polarized. We'll also visit the Raven's Grin Inn, browse through Advanture Magazine, move a dome light, discuss vapor barriers and try a hand generator. Plus a shocking tale from the road! All in about 30 minutes! Whew! 

And we've launched our YouTube Channel! Built to GO! A Vanlife Channel is live.

What to see Jeff's NV200? Here it is!


Still from Nomadland (Custer State Park, SD.)


  • A Place to Visit - Raven's Grin Inn
    • One of the craziest haunted fun house experiences you can have in the US. 
    • Ravens Grin Inn
  • Resource Recommendation - Advanture Magazine
    • Free, online #vanlife magazine catering to adventure rigs.
    • European-based, also has a print version available!
    • Instagram: @advanturemagazine
  • Product Review - Shikha Hand Crank Generator
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