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069 No Garage? No Problem, Stove Wind Deflector, Ghost Town, Spring Finder, 12v Sockets, Strange Kindness

April 7, 2021

Want to build but have no garage or even a driveway? It can be done, we'll talk about how. We'll also explain the history of why 12v sockets are terrible, visit a ghost town, and hear a tale about strangers helping out. And we'll look at a map of springs, nationwide. 

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Aurora, NV in the 1930s

  • A Place to Visit - Aurora N

    • Only one wall still stands, but the landscape and cemetery are interesting.  
    • Wikipedia has information and directions - Hawthorne, NV side is MUCH easier, and can be done with any 2WD vehicle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora,_Nevada
  • Product Review - Folding Wind Shield
  • Resource Recommendation - FindASpring.com
    • A crowd sourced directory of hot and cold springs in North America. Fill your tanks and have a soak!
    • http://findaspring.com

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