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071 JOY of vanlife, Gator Eyes, Bar Fight, Dismalites, CRAZY Cheap Power Centers, Nomadic Pantry

April 21, 2021

No negativity! Let's talk about what a JOY #vanlife is! And we'll also visit some drooling insects, find ourselves in a bar fight, find some CRAZY good prices on "solar generators," review some innovative lights and promote the Van Life Nomadic Pantry. 

We now have a Discord Server! What’s that? It’s a place to share and ask questions with the host of Built to GO and other listeners. It’s a new community, so it will take some time to get to size, but you can be part of that! This link will take you to a video that explains the concept. Join us!


Rainbow Falls as Dismals Canyon by Ronnie Harris

  • A Place to Visit - Dismals Canyon It takes time to get there, but it's worth it to step back 450,000,000 years in time.  

  • Tech Talk - CRAZY Deals on "Solar Generators"
    • Not sure what's going on, but take advantage if you wish. These are Jackery/GoalZero-type devices. 40% off! Check the coupon box and add to cart for actual price. 
    • Wakyme 520Wh $275 https://amzn.to/3eolsuC
    • AWANFI 505Wh $236 https://amzn.to/3dDkKLa
    • I'll be reviewing both of these in the future. 
  • Resource Recommendation - Van Life Pantry Podcast (Nomadic Pantry Facebook Group)
  • Product Review - Gator Eyes

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