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036 Emergency Kit, Sink Theory 101, Camp Soap, RV Hall of Fame, Outdoorsy

What's in your emergency kit? Here are some things you may not have thought of. We'll also delve into Sink Theory 101, extol the virtues of Camp Soap, visit the RV Hall of Fame, and talk about how Outdoorsy can save you money. 

035 2WD Off-Roading, Installing Windows, GoPro Hero 8, Dogtown, Foresty Forest, Drunk Sleeping?

2WD Off-Roading is possible! But know what you're in for. Installing windows is pretty easy and we'll tell you how, the GoPro Hero 8 is reviewed, visiting Dogtown, checking out Foresty Forest, and is drunk sleeping illegal?


034 VENTILATE OR DIE! Backup Cameras, News?, GasOne Stove, Salem Trip, Avenza Maps, Leveling

VENTILATE OR DIE! Yes, ventilation is very important. Also, all about Backup Cameras, should we have News?, A review of the GasOne Stove, a trip to Salem MA, the Avenza Maps App,  and Leveling for sleeping. 

033 Top10 Money-Saving Tips, Dead People in the NV Desert, Left Arm Saver, Dog Bowl Review, Cumberland Fog Mystery

Top 10 ways to save money in your van! Plus, a visit to the NV desert, a review of dog bowl sinks, a GREAT idea for saving your left arm, and a mystery tale in Cumberland, Maryland.

032 Alternative Air Conditioning, Black Water, Currant, NV, Coughlan’s Toaster, Alien Cemetery, Informed Delivery

Ok, you've given up on household air conditioning, what about those "AS SEEN ON TV" solutions? We discuss. We'll also visit an alien's grave, a ghost town, talk about black water, review a toaster, and tell you about Informed Delivery.

031 BIG SOLAR EPISODE, Fort Ransom, Will Prowse, Writing Rock, AC in a Van?

Lots of questions about solar power, so this episode breaks format a bit and focuses on how solar works, what you need, and whether you really need it. Also, a visit to Fort Ransom, ND, an unsatisfying tale about Writing Rock, an introduction to Solar Expert Will Prowse, and AC in a Van?

  • Resource Recommendation: Will Prowse, DIY Solar

    • Will is THE expert on solar setups. Watch a few of his videos and you'll know a lot.

    • YouTube 

  • BONUS: AC in a Van?

030 Contest Winner, Troubleshooting with Occam, Encounter at Standing Rock, Brown Signs.

We announce the winner of our contest, troubleshoot with Lord Occam, have an encounter at Standing Rock and point out the importance of brown signs.

COVID-19 is growing stronger, but we can still travel! We just need to do a few things different. We'll also discuss the important of ground wires, review a Dometic toilet, joyously recommend commercialtrucktrader.com, visit the Timberline Lodge and tell a boat ramp story. 

COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 


  • CONTEST WINNER: Brian from North Carolina! Congratulations!
    • We'll have other contests in the future.

  • Tales From the Road
    • A trip to Standing Rock turns into an encounter with the locals. 
  • Resource Recommendation
    • Brown Signs

      • Take the time to stop and see things that "Historic Markers" or "Scenic View" signs are pointing to. It's a great way to learn about a place and take a moment to appreciate where you are. 
  • Tech Talk: Lord Occam's Method 

    • Lord Occam said "The simplest solution is likely correct." But every new piece of evidence requires you to apply it again. 
  • Product Review: Flottebo Ikea Table
    • The brackets are an odd shape, but if you're looking for a $30 solution to having a swing away table in your van, this might be the ticket.
    • Ikea Flottebo Side Table

029 Travel During COVID, Ground Wires, Dometic Toilet, Commercial Truck Trader, Timberline Lodge, Boat Ramp Story

COVID-19 is growing stronger, but we can still travel! We just need to do a few things different. We'll also discuss the important of ground wires, review a Dometic toilet, joyously recommend commercialtrucktrader.com, visit the Timberline Lodge and tell a boat ramp story. 

COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 

CONTEST!!!! If you live in the US and e-mail me before July 7th, 2020 with a story or other item of interest that I can put in the podcast, you'll be entered to win a brand new PWM Solar Charge controller. Every entry will receive a Hook Waka Bang sticker. Your privacy will be respected - nothing shared, stored, folded, spindled or mutilated.


  • Travel during COVID-19?

    • You can do it, but set your expectations and be a lot more self-contained. 

  • Tales From the Road
    • Playing stupid games on abandoned coast guard bases isn't the smartest thing to do. 
  • Resource Recommendation
  • Tech Talk: Ground Wires

    • Ground wires are just as important as the power wires. Take care of them. 

  • Product Review: Dometic 970 Camping Toilet
  • dometic.png

028 High or Low Top? Gillette Castle, Oregon Coast, Curtain Divider, Ikea Eket, American Van

High top or low top? That IS the question this week, and while high tops have a lot of appeal, low tops have a place as well. We'll also visit Gillette Castle, the Oregon Coast, and review Ikea Eket and suggest American Van.

How can you secure your van? Not personal security, but keeping people out of your van! The Amazon Fire HD 8 has a cool secret, and Salvage One is an interesting place to visit in Chicago. Would like a free water pump? We tell you how. And FINALLY, and explanation for all the Aurora references. And we try Rock Auto and report back. COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 

CONTEST!!!! If you live in the US and e-mail me before July 7th, 2020 with a story or other item of interest that I can put in the podcast, you'll be entered to win a brand new PWM Solar Charge controller. Every entry will receive a Hook Waka Bang sticker. Your privacy will be respected - nothing shared, stored, folded, spindled or mutilated.


  • High-top or Low-top?

    • It boils down to this: do you want to optimize living or driving/parking? 

  • Tales From the Road
    • A trip to the Oregon Coast! Sort of. Florence to Astoria has some of the most picturesque driving the US. If you can see it.
  • Resource Recommendation
    • American Van:  A catalog of commercial vans that might have something just for you. 
  • Tech Talk: Curtain Dividers 

    • The secret to hanging a curtain between the front and the back is a shower curtain tension rod. 

  • Product Review: Ikea Eket
    • Eket is a different type of Ikea product, not made of MDF and it doesn't need hex wrenches! What's best is that it comes in different depths.  

  • A Place to Visit: Gillette Castle
    • One of my favorite spots in New England, this castle was the home of William Gillette, creator of "Sherlock Holmes" as we know him. It's full of surprises. 
    • Gillette Castle State Park

027 Van Security, Amazon Fire HD 8, Salvage One, “Free” Water Pump, Auroras, Rock Auto

How can you secure your van? Not personal security, but keeping people out of your van! The Amazon Fire HD 8 has a cool secret, and Salvage One is an interesting place to visit in Chicago. Would like a free water pump? We tell you how. And FINALLY, and explanation for all the Aurora references. And we try Rock Auto and report back. 

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Van Security
      • Keep your stuff out of site, hide small things, and learn a couple of tricks like kill switches, locking swivel seats, and chained steering wheels.

  • Tales From the Road
    • The Auroras explained, finally. What does it mean? You'll have to listen to find out.  


  • Resource Recommendation
    • Rock Auto - more than just an annoying commercial. It's actually pretty great! 
  • Tech Talk: Free Water Pump!

    • Ok, we'll spill the secret - your free water pump is... gravity. But it can be all you need. 

  • Product Review: Amazon Fire HD 8

    • Not really a review, but rather an interesting way to use it as an Alexa hub. 
    • Amazon Fire HD tablets. https://amzn.to/3ftHSts

026 Pre-Built Vans, Stanley Cook Kit, Proper Screwing, Post-COVID Highways

What if you'd rather just buy a van? We talk about the realities, some of them harsh. We'll also review the Stanley Cook Kit (it's great!), talk about how to screw properly (really) and I'll tell the tale of what it's like on our Interstates now that COVID-19 is firmly with us.   

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Pre-Built Vans
    • They're expensive.

      • RV Trader is a great place to start, to get an idea of prices, etc.  

      • Conversion Trader is focussed specifically on self-built vans. 

      • Sportsmobile has the best full-sized, custom conversions.
  • Tales From the Road

    • Things are weird an eerie on the nation's interstates. Bring snacks. 

  • Q&A - Window Tint

    • Is it legal to tint your windows? Maybe? Sometimes. Could be. We discuss.

  • Resource Recommendation

  • Tech Talk: Screw With Care!
    • Don't just screw willy nilly into your van. Every hole is a potential problem, and it's a good idea to know how your drill works as well.  

  • Product Review: Stanley Adventure Prep + Cook Set - 1.58 Quart, Stainless Steel

025 Top 10 Vanlife Tips, House on the Rock, Van Kits, Choose My Adventure

Another Top 10? Who knows—but here are some tips about #vanlife that might help you make decisons. A House on the Rock (and so much more), Pre-made Camper Kits, a Choose My Own Adventure Idea, Free Templates, and a Velcro Wall.  

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Top 10 Tips
    • #vanlife can be easier if you know a few things. Here some of them are.


  • Tales From the Road
    • What if someone else told you where to go? In a nice way? 
  • Q&A -Premade Kits? 

    • Is a premade kit your ticket to #vanlife? Maybe.
    • Wayfarer Vans is the most well known.


  • Resource Recommendation
    • Free van build tool? Yes! But the templates are the real value.
    • Thank you, SportsMobile
  • A Place to Visit: House on the Rock
    • One of the three "most curious" spots in the US.
    • You can't prepare for this - just go.
    • House on the Rock

024 Top Vanlife Myths, SS Badger, Laundry, Solar Controllers, A Storm, Travels with Charley

Top 10? Who knows - but here are some myths about #vanlife that need to go away. A moving highway? Yes, it exists and it's called the "Badger." How do the pros do laundry? Infrequently. And we'll explain the difference between solar charge controllers, tell a story of a storm and recommend Travels with Charley.  

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Top 10 Myths
    • #vanlife is gaining popularity and so are the stereotypes. Don't buy them.

  • Tales From the Road
    • What can a storm teach us about perspective?

023 Working From the Road, Moon Oklahoma, Insurance Matters

Can you work while living and traveling in a van? Of course you can! And there are more opportunities than you might imagine. I tell tales from the light and dark sides of Moon, Oklahoma, and spend a lot of time talking about insurance matters you need to consider. 

  • Q&A - How Do I Get Insurance?

      • VIN determines if your vehicle is commercial or not
      • Concentrate on liability insurance
      • State Farm often comes up as the best 

022 Minimalism, Van Kittens, Curtis Tow Hitches, Starry Meadows, FWD-AWD-4WD, Texas Death March

Minimalism? Yes, but what kind? An exploration... also, we review Curtis Tow Hitches, take a look at drive options for different vans, take a death march through Texas, and invite you to visit Starry Meadows, and maybe see Charon. 

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Video Games in Your Van
  • TECH TALK: FWD vs. RWD vs. 4WD
    • There are pros and cons to each of these setups. What will you use your van for? What's your budget? That can help you choose the best option for you. 
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Starry Meadows 

    • Like astronomy? Visit Colorado (or what to)? Check out the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society and their amazing site, Starry Meadows. 
    • https://csastro.org/
    • CSC_0314.jpg
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Curtis Tow Hitches

    • Not planning on towing anything? You might still want a tow hitch for bikes, storage, etc.
    • You can install it yourself.
    • Curtis makes a decent product. https://amzn.to/3c6un1L 

  • Q&A - Kittens in a Van while at work?
      • It's fraught to attempt to have a pet in a vehicle while you're away, but if you have no other choice, here are tips for making the best of an imperfect situation. 

021 Video Games in Your Van, Winter Island, Easy Shower, Roadside America, Electric Dry Box

Video games in your van? YES! Here's how. Also, an electric dry box, an easy shower solution, Winter Island: the place to stay for a visit to Salem, MA and Roadside America, the only tourist guide you need.

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • Video Games in Your Van
    • It's all about power and what you want to do. Clear winners: PC laptops and Nintendo Switch. But want to play the latests games on your favorite console? Doable. 

  • TECH TALK: Electric Dry Box
    • Fight humidity with an enclosed space and a old-fashioned light bulb. 


  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Winter Island, Salem Massachusetts

    • This historic 17th century fort will welcome you and your rig for a visit to the Witch City. 
    • Winter Island Info
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: SmarterFresh Quick Connect Sink Faucet Sprayer Set

    •  This thing is great - it turns almost any sink into a shower you can use indoors or out

    • https://amzn.to/2ShvGmv
  • Q&A - Essential Tools?
      • Which tools should you bring? Quick answer: pick how much space you want to devote to tools, and then take a subset of all the tools you used to build your van.  
  • Resource Recommendation: Roadside America

020 The Goldfish Metaphor, Getting Rid of Single-use Plastic, a Nice Drain, Mitchell Indian Village, Fear of Wires, a Van with no Driver

How a goldfish teaches us what's important about the #vanlife community, can you have a plastic-free van?, review of the Camco Flexible Camper Drain, getting over the fear of wires, a visit to a cool archaeological site, and a story of a van with no driver. 

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • The Goldfish Metaphor
    • Someone wants advice on how to have a pet goldfish in their van. What's your response? It can teach us a lot about #vanlife and ourselves.


  • TECH TALK: Fear of Wires
    • I talk though an experiment in wiring designed to get you beyond you fear of electricity and cutting wires. 
    • A PLACE TO VISIT: Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

    • PRODUCT REVIEW: Camco Flexible Camper Drain 37420
    • Q&A - Single Use Plastics?
      • Seanna wants to live without single use plastic. Can this be done in a van?

    • Tales From the Road: What happens when you're in a van going down the highway and no one's driving?

019 What COVID Teaches Us About VanLife, Bulkheads/Partitions, Switch Solution, Tiny Inverters, Craters of the Moon

Sick of hearing about COVID-19? We get it, but it does give us a chance to take a look at ourselves and evaluate our assumptions. We'll talk about bulkheads/partitions, explore one switching solution, and talk about the bizarre Craters of the Moon. Oh, and the joy of tiny inverters!

  • COVID-19: This the BEST resource https://vanlifers.co/pages/coronavirus 
  • What can COVID-19 teach us?
    • Why do we choose #vanlife? A disruption can show us many things about ourselves that we didn't know, and reinforce the things we did know. 

  • TECH TALK: Bulkheads
    • Yes, you should strongly consider having a partition between the front and back of your van. 
    • American Van, probably the premiere source for bulkheads. 

018 Strange Ways to Cook, Iowa 80, No Slip Gel Mat, Water Filter Alternative, Lost In a Swamp

Why not cook weird? We explore ways to cook without the normal things, including some without heat! We'll also talk about the two-container system for filter-free fresh water, a review of the Tree Frog Gel Mat no slip surface, invite you visit Iowa 80, and relay a story of getting lost in the Everglades. 

    • A PLACE TO VISIT: Iowa 80

    • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Can I sell you some swamp land in Florida? I now know where they store it.
    • PRODUCT REVIEW: Leap Frog No Slip Gel Pad
      • This large sheet of no slip gel will keep your things secure as you drive around. But be careful what it comes in contact with!
      • From Iowa 80

    • Q&A - Will This Vehicle Work??

017 Mistakes I’ve Made, Propane Matters, B52 Crash Site, Determination, Window Socks

Mistakes, I've made a few, but then again, not too few to mention. Learn from this! Also, a discussion of propane considerations, a review of Window Socks, a B52 Crash Site, and talk of determination. 

    • TECH TALK: Do you want propane in your van? Here are some things you might not have considiered.

      • Refillable 1lb bottle: https://amzn.to/39pjh5F
    • A PLACE TO VISIT: Elephant Mountain B-52 Crash Site
    • TALES FROM THE ROAD: There's no room at the Inn or in the van. What to do? We figure it out.
    • PRODUCT REVIEW: Window Socks
      • These are flexible mess fabric socks that fit over your windows and act as sunshades and insect screens.
      • https://amzn.to/2WQ0wpp
    • Q&A - Will This Vehicle Work??

016 SEX!, COVID-19 Resources, Windows (or not), Diamond Mind, One Strange Trip

Yes, it's the SEX IN A VAN episode you've all been waiting for. Haven't you? Also, some very important COVID-19 resources, a diamond mine you can visit, whether you should install windows or not, and a really strange story. 


015 Air Conditioning, LED lights, Standing Mats, Lincoln Highway, Finding Tires

Want AC in your van? Don't we all. We discuss why most people just choose to drive north and turn on a fan. We also explain LED lights, extol the virtues of standing mats, explore the Lincoln Highway and find weird tires. 

  • AIR CONDITIONING: There are three things in the way of you having AC in yoru van. We talk about them, and the best possible solutions. Let us know if you have something better!
  • TECH TALK: LED lights are GREAT for vans. Low power, low heat - but they need to be hooked up right, especially if you want to dim them.
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Standing mats? Exciting? No, useful YES! Get one. 
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: The Lincoln Highway
  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: What to do (?) if your friend needs a shoulder
  •  RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION: Simple Tire for hard to find tires

014 COVID-19 and Vanlife, Smugglers Notch, Nice Table, Heater Woes, Wire Guage

Welcome! In this episode, we pre-empt our scheduled topic and talk about the current COVID-19 scare. (Wash your hands!) We'll also discuss wire gauges, a cool table, heater woes and the idyllic Smugglers Notch.

  • COVID-19: While the virus is headed our way, there are some interesting issues for those living vanlife. We take a look.
  • TECH TALK: What thickness of wire should you use? A brief overview of why bigger is better, and how not to make the same mistake I did.
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: A nice, versatile table (that went way up in price for some reason.)
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Smugglers Notch, Vermont
  • Thermostat Anticipators: A solution to rapidly cycling heaters?


013 Surviving the Freeze, Diesel Parking Heaters, Hot Hands, Enjoying the Winter

Welcome! In this episode, we talk about surviving the Wisconsin winter, van style. We'll discuss diesel parking heaters, and how Hot Hands can be a good friend on a cold night. Also, we encounter a night-time parking hazard we didn't anticipate. 

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: This whole episode is one big tale from the road.  
  • TECH TALK: Diesel Parking Heaters

    •  For the price, these are the best way to heat your van. They do require some serious installation chops, but once there, you'll have dry heat whenever you need it. 

    • Hide anywhere model: https://amzn.to/3cbLwri

    • All in one, easy install model: https://amzn.to/32wOUZq
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Hot Hands!
      • Not just for hands anymore, toss these guys in your sleeping bag for a toasty night. 
      • Box of 40: https://amzn.to/2TdE71S


012 Parking Spot Apps, CarPlay, 12v Microwave, Enchanted Highway, YMCA of the Rockies

In this episode, we explain how to find places to park, talk about a 12v microwave oven, review Apple CarPlay, take a trip down the Enchanted Highway and invite you to visit YMCA of the Rockies

  • Parking Apps and Ideas

    • Park n Ride - found in many towns
    • Free Campsites - some towns have free camping to attract tourists
    • BLM - Bureau of Land Management has land you can camp on
    • Walmart - Legendary parking spot, but there are cautions
    • Cracker Barrel - Have some food, stay the night
    • Cabellas - Dump stations with purchase, and parking
    • Camping World - some even provide free power
    • Casinos - all different, but they want you
    • Military sites -  if you're military, you have a lot of options
    • APPsymcarockies.jpg
      • AllStays
        • Highly rated
        • Nice maps, hybrid, satellite
        • Each aspect costs more money
        • Dump Stations
        • Military
        • Rest Stops
        • Walmart
      • iOverlander
      • Some great spots
      • Out of date app
      • Missing some obvious places
    • Park4Night
      • Very nice app
      • Very little content for US - much better in UK
      • No app needed
      • Requires internet
      • Missing some places
    • Campendium
      • Professional app
      • Many different sites of interest
      • Annoying log in requirement, not free
    • RV Parky
      • Good quantity of reviews
      • Nice interface
      • Does trip planning
    • Wikicamps
      • $1.99
      • Different app for different countries (Australia, New Zealand)
      • Download maps to work offline
      • Doesn’t include Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Rest Areas

011 Stealth Vans, Ventilations, Ace of Clubs House, ScanGauge II, ReStore

February 5, 2020

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss realties and myths of "Stealth Vans," the ins and outs of ventilation, a crazy place to visit in Texarkana, a really useful dashboard device, and a great place to find used furniture. 

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Can you find the ark inside Texarkana? I did, and I'll share the secret with you:


010 Security, SHURflo Electric Faucet, Multitools, Being Stupid, Racetrack Playa

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss security in your rig, why you should have a multitool, the ShurFlo electric faucet, how to be stupid in the desert, and Racetrack Playa

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Don't do this - a solo trip on rough desert "roads."


Photo by Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith

009 Coffee!, Plants, Detectors, Olympian Wave 3

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss COFFEE, which detectors you should have, a review of the Camco Olympian Wave 3, and a discussion of pet plants.

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: A break down, a good Samaritan, and a difficult decision


008 Food Storage, Wall Coverings, A Bad Story, Luling, TX

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss storing food, what to cover walls with, a place that smells bad but tastes good, and a disappointing visit to an interesting place.

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Aurora, Indiana and a strange museum
  • TECH TALK: Wall coverings 

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Alpicool 12v Compressor Fridge
    • Luling, TX

      • Bad smells
      • Good food

007 Loneliness, Inverters, Sunstone Mining, Wind Deflectors

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss loneliness, if you really need an inverter, Sunstone Mining and a review of Window Deflectors

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Aurora Maine, land of blueberries (and where our title image was taken) 
  • TECH TALK: Inverters

    • Do you really need an inverter? Really really? Let's talk about it. 

    • Wouldn't it be nice if there was a site that sold stuff that you can't find anywhere else?
    • http://www.etrailer.com





006 Which Van, Floors, Echo Auto, Strange use for old tech, Meow Wolf


Welcome! In this episode, we discuss ways to how to choose the right van, how to build your floor, Echo Auto, a weird thing I discovered one sleepy day, Meow Wolf and a few other things...

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: A strange way to learn a neat trick

    • It turns out that you can't be sleepy and embarrassed at the same time. 

My beloved Wendigo


  • TECH TALK: Floors

    • Boring? Maybe, but your floor is the literal foundation of your van. You might want to pay attention.



      • Love Alexa? Want to listen to any radio station in the world on the road, or play voice games while driving? NOTE: Since i recorded this, the price has gone up to $49. Sorry about that! Still worth it.
      • https://amzn.to/37N6GZB


  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Meow Wolf
    • ANOTHER true pilgrimage for any curious person. It defies description. Just go, and become a better person for it.

       Meow Wolf -https://meowwolf.com/


  • RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION: Divine on the Road's Solo Female Van Live

    • Sidney lives in a Ford Transit and shares her #vanlife adventures in a frank and honest way. If you'd like to hear the reality of the #vanlife community that Instagram promotes, this podcast is for you. 

    • https://divineontheroad.com/


No photo description available.



005 Keeping Clean, Peep Holes, Ottoman Beds, City Museum

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss ways to keep clean, peep holes, ottoman beds, the City Museum, and an app to help you stay away from bad weather while you're driving. 

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Montreal Parking Lot

    • A PERFECT parking spot has a hidden problem, and what it taught me about the realities of vanlife. 
  • TECH TALK: Peep Holes 

    • Want to see what's going outside your van without being seen? Consider peep holes! 
  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Ottoman Bed

    • An ottoman that turns into a bed: https://amzn.to/39ycTug
  • A PLACE TO VISIT: City Museum

    • A true pilgrimage for any curious person. It defies description. Just go, and become a better person for it.



  • RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION: Highway Weather app

    • A great app for predicting the weather as you proceed on your route. It combines your planned GPS route with the weather forecast. Very useful! http://www.weatherroute.io/ 

004 Ikea, Solar vs. Split Charge, Dogbowl Sink, Bangor Maine

Welcome! In this episode, we discuss using Ikea in your van, solar vs. split charge relays, and dogbowl sinks. 

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: A twin at Lowes

    • What do you do when you see a near copy of your van in the Lowes parking lot? You make a connection. 


  • TECH TALK: Solar vs. Split Charge Relay

    • Which should you install first? The answer is: you shouldn't do what I did. 


  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Bangor, ME

    • If you're a Stephen King fan, it's a no brainer that this should be on your list. But it should also be on your list if you want to experience some authentic New England.

Pagurus at the Thomas Hill Standpipe, inspiration for IT.



    • Kombi Life tells the story of Ben Jamin and his amazing van adventure traveling literally around the world in Volkswagen Vans. You really want to watch this. https://www.youtube.com/user/kombilife

003 Toilets, Sound Deadening, I-70 Encounter, Ventline Vanair, Sanibel Causeway Islands

Welcome back! In this episode, we discuss lavatory possibilities, the necessity of sound deadening, and unwelcome encounter on I-70, the Ventline Vanair and Sanibel's causeway islands. 

Some toilet solutions:

  1. What I have: DOMETIC 1223.0154 Gray 301097206 970 Series Portable Toilet-2.6 Gallon - https://amzn.to/37q2e2M
  2. A simple solution: Camco Portable Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid Attachment - https://amzn.to/2MLsVXZ
  3. Most popular composting toilet: Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet  - https://amzn.to/2MNSBDd
  4. The She Wee, a solution for women: https://amzn.to/37wLSWh
  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: Encounter on I-70

    • You know those perfect moments of vanlife you've dreamed of? Here's one that went wrong.
  • TECH TALK: Sound Deadening

    • Do you need sound deadening for your van? Maybe not.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: Ventline Vanair

002 Staying Warm, First Thing You Should Buy, Indiana Dunes, Saving Hotel Costs


Welcome! In this episode, we discuss staying warm during the cold months, the first (and most important) thing you should buy for your van build, Indiana Dunes, and how I spent my first night in the van. 

  • TALES FROM THE ROAD: My First Night

    • I put a cot in the van, some plastic crates, and headed out. I knew it would suck, but I also knew it would teach me a lot of what I needed to know to get the project going. 


  • TECH TALK: Buy this first!

    • The first thing you should buy? A fire extinguisher. Seriously. Here's a good one that gives you lots of mounting options: https://amzn.to/2stOwxe


  • A PLACE TO VISIT: Indiana Dunes
    • It's true! Some of the best dunes in the US are found in Indiana, right on Lake Michigan. 
      - Everything you need to know to plan your visit:  https://www.nps.gov/indu


  • RESOURCE RECOMMENDATION: Element Van Life on YouTube

    • YouTube has a wealth of information, and Nate's progression from an old Honda Element to a brand new NV200 can teach you a lot about van life. The fact that he's an accomplished video story teller makes each episode engaging, and over time, I think you'll consider Nate a friend you've never met just as I do. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2_P3E87g-cBAtr1Lihfyw

2560px-Indiana_Dunes_National_Lakeshore-Indiana Dunes, photo by Witoki

001 Intros, Dry Lakes, 12v Oven, Backup Batteries

Welcome! In this episode we do some necessary introductions. My name is Jeff Wagg and I converted a 2014 Nissan NV200 SV into a stealth camper van. Though I'm not living in it full time, I've traveled coast to coast over the past year and have learned quite a lot through the process. My hope is that this podcast will be your companion as you work on your rig, travel, or just wish for a little bit of #vanlife while you're doing things outside of your van.

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